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Free Throw Foundation

Xmas Luncheon

Having South Australian Sporting Royalty Andrew McLeod and Brett Maher affectionally known as Bunji and Brettster made for an outstanding luncheon where the duo brought a great combination of professionalism, banter, raw emotion and sporting stories of yesteryear.


They were one of, if not the best guest speakers we have in the Foundations history and had the crowd going through a wide range of emotions feeding off their passion, energy and in-depth stories.


Thanks Andrew and Brett for supporting the Foundation’

Brad Haydon


Woodville West Torrens Football Club

Business Luncheon

Brett and Andrew provide humour, with and a real sense of reflection as they take the crowd through their relative journeys within their chosen professional sports of NBL and AFL.


The banter between them is engaging and consistently brings the crowd into the conversation.  There are no questions out of bounds as they toggle between the demands of being professional sportsmen, business, life and family. 

Hands down two of the greatest sporting legends South Australia and the Nation has ever seen, to have them together as a double act is both rare and entertaining! Our event sold out the moment tickets went on sale.  

Uby Fadoul


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